Best Embroidery Machine Reviews of 2017

Finding the best embroidery machine can be exceptionally difficult, especially for newcomers. Hopefully, we can help you decipher which piece of equipment is best for you in our guide. I’ll discuss skill level, and what features make the embroidery machine exceptional. Lets start off with the basics!

Background of The Modern Embroidery Machine

You know that name stamped on many popular sewing machines? Isaac Singer patented it in 1846, followed by a hand device created by a Frenchman. These tools are used to create a plethora of patterns on different materials and is seen in trendy clothes in the retail world, as well as personal craft collections.

We wouldn’t say embroidery has ever gone out of style, but how it has been used could play into current trends. There are some dated fashions that an embroidery sewing machine is responsible for, but that’s due to lack of trends weaved throughout. Find out the best option for your skill level below to begin your journey into trendy embroidery.

5 of The Best Embroidery Machines on The Market

Brother 1034D

Brother 1034D

If you’re a newcomer, we’ll preface this by stating ALL embroidery machines look intimidating upon first glance. The ease of use varies, however, but we believe the Brother 1034D is the perfect embroidery machine. This is a very easy-to-use model with high-quality, but somewhat heavy at 18 pounds. Even though it’s quite portable as it’s not as bulky as others.

The weight may be the only con you find if you’re one who needs to move the piece of equipment often. You know this device is great, and they’re confident in what they’re selling as there is a 25-year warranty!

Top features:

1300 stitches per minute – Just because you’re a beginner, doesn’t mean you want the embroidering process to go slow. Save time and energy with accurate, high-speed stitching that can give you 1300 completed stitches per 60 seconds.

Standard sewing machine needles – No need to go out of your way to learn how to use an embroidery machine. You won’t have to spend countless hours online trying to learn every type of needle size for a particular device, as this device uses standard sewing needles to complete projects.

Easy threading – One of the primary ways entry level creators give up is because threading is hard or seems “broken”. Thankfully, the item is relatively simple to thread, with their color-coded system to help those who need visuals.


The item uses differential fabric feeding. Although it’s VERY useful for veterans of embroidering, it can be overwhelming for beginners. As you learn about different materials and how they feed, you’ll appreciate this feature more.

Why Choose This One?

If you’re a casual embroidery creator or have a hobby business on the side, this entry-level model is the best for you. I can tell you that I’m not the best at absorbing new information, especially with modern technology, and this device has withstood the amount of embroidery I’ve done with it. It’s a durable and sturdy model that is perfect for anyone, but most importantly, beginners.

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Brother PE770

Brother PE700

Being past entry-level means you’re probably looking for something a tad more complex, but nothing you can’t handle. This embroidery-only machine may be your best option. With more than 130 built-in designs, a USB port, and more than a handful of lettering fonts, your designs can be a bit more complicated and beautiful without having to go an extra two miles with learning.

Cleaning is pretty standard for this Brother item as there aren’t many nooks and crannies that dirty, grime, and dust can hide in. Let’s not forget that this ultra-high-quality machine has a 25-year warranty.

Top features:

Card slot – The future of embroidery is here! Place a stitch design card into the slot on the machine to have a design pre-programmed into the device. Although sold separately, they’re definitely worth the purchase if you’re not super experienced with creating your own intricate design patterns.

Auto thread trimmer – A fantastic time saver for a more complex device, the auto thread trimmer allows you to have both the upper and lower threads snipped with just a simple button press.

Design editing – Instead of wasting time, fabric, and thread before seeing your design, make sure you like your design in the first place! The design editing feature allows you to move around your design on the virtual piece of fabric and shows you what the outcome will look like.


One of the main cons of this piece of equipment is the weight, but as you gain more experience and need more complex functions, the weight rises. A little less than 10 pounds more than our entry-level recommendation, this model isn’t as portable in weight, but is great for portability regarding bulkiness.

Why Choose This One?

Looking for enough of a challenge but not something too hard is difficult in the world of sewing and embroidery. Searching for the best sewing machine for embroidery doesn’t have to be hard; you just have to know what to look for. When simple machines become too simple, this item has your back and will keep you busy (and satisfied) for years to come. With their USB device update technology, you won’t have to worry about throwing it out and buying a new one when updates are needed.

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Brother SE400

Brother SE400

Brother has always been a popular name in this genre of sewing and embroidery machines, and this model is no different in terms of how impressed I am. This model has a large amount of impressive features that will keep even the most bored person busy.

Top Features:

67 unique sewing stitches – I’ve complained, yes, but I’m more than pleased with the amount of stitches this computerized model comes with. Trust me, I won’t be bored for a very long time and thinking about it gets my brain cooking!

Sewing, quilting, and embroidering – No other model I’ve seen is able to quilt properly, along with the other features. This all in one machine is a dream come true for many; myself included.

70 built-in embroidery designs – While there aren’t as many as others, this is still a fantastic amount with the combination of 67 types of stitches. I could have a field day with this variety!

These features are great, but others include:

  • One-touch automatic thread cutter
  • Bilingual manual
  • Computer connectivity for important designs

There is a 25-warranty for this unit, but it’s a very long list of limitations and things they won’t replace, unfortunately. This is one of the major cons, but since Brother machines are so reliable, it’s usually nothing to worry about.

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Singer 5-in-1 Futura 5

Singer 5-in-1 Futura 5

The craft queen that has learned all of the tricks of the trade needs only the best machine possible. Our next choice, the Singer 5-in-1 Futura 5 is just the machine for you. With more than 250 built-in designs, almost two dozens famous fonts, design browser, 3-D realism printing, and MUCH more, you can create anything your heart desires using this one item only. If you thought our last multi-purpose machine was great, just wait until you hear more about the Singer 5-in-1.

A heavy-duty, high-quality product with a secretly kept warranty, there’s a reason why this warranty is much more precise than the other items. With much more at stake, the guarantee presented by Singer is fine tuned for this popular machine. Depending on where you purchase, the warranty rules will be different. Those buying on Amazon, you’ll have to contact them directly for current warranty information. Being more advanced, I can attest to the fact that this device is easy to use.

Top features:

Drop Feed – Much like an aforementioned product on this list, even the most advanced sewer and embroiderer want easier threading. Instead of manually doing it like traditional machines, you can easily drop it in and start sewing!

250 Built-in Designs – You didn’t think we’d skip over this, did you? Even though it’s only a step up from the previous product, there are twice as many intricate designs for you to try.

Others include:

  • 13 needle positions
  • 3D realistic printing
  • Continuous embroidery hoop
  • Knee lifter
  • Design browser


One of the huge cons of this product is the weight (pun intended). Being the largest on this list, it weighs in at a cool 50 pounds. Although there are a lot of features, this may be a bit too much for some. I believe it’s good as it keeps it sturdy while sewing, and I don’t need to move it around too much in my craft area.

Why Choose This One?

It may seem self-explanatory, but I personally would choose (and have chosen) this device because of the crazy amount of designs, the amount of ease (but control) this machine gives you. It’s the perfect combination of complexity and easiness that a crafter could never become bored of. I highly recommend this piece and our next machine.

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Brother LB6800PRW

Brother LB6800PRW

Instead of leaving you with only one superior advanced choice, I’ve decided to incorporate another that I’ve been able to test out. Having an embroidery side business myself, it’s imperative for me to find the best embroidery machine possible.

The Brother LB6800PRW is a fantastic model. Popular because of their affiliation, this device was designed with potential Project Runway stars in mind. Noted as the official “Project Runway” computerized embroidery and sewing machine, it’s a tad different from our previous but just as ideal for the advanced designers. A promising 25-year warranty with free phone support, accompanied with a great price and size, this easy model was fantastic when I used it.

Top features:

Built-in Stitching – You know how I complained about 30 built-in stitches before? This one has more than double that at 67 built-in stitches! I was quite happy with this one.

120 frame combinations – You don’t see this option elsewhere for many multi-purpose machines, but it makes up for the huge disadvantage of this machine: only 70 built-in designs. How was I supposed to be a top designer with such a limited selection? Just kidding! With many machines, there’s give and take. I just so happen to love the addition of frames.

Why Choose This One?

There aren’t many reasons that you wouldn’t pick this product, other than the lack of designs for such a highly-praised machine, but it does have a huge variety of frame options, and built-in stitching as a multi-purpose machine. Oh, and did we mention it’s much cheaper than some on this list, even being so advanced while having the Project Runway stamp? Huge seal of approval!

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My Top Recommendation

As you all know, I like to put a top recommendation for EVERYONE reading this article. If your skill has no boundaries, or if your skill does, but you’d like to expand, I’ve come to the perfect machine conclusion. Whether beginner, intermediate or advanced, the Brother PE770 is the perfect tool to grow with and to use as a constant sample piece within your business.